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Cargo Trailers

Our unique cargo trailers come in 2 sizes. Each comes complete with bespoke vibrant coloured 3 side zipped covers for easy access. If you wish covers can be made to your exacting colour requirements. 2 contrasting colours can be added for a design unique to you.

The addition of a flexible 40 or 60 watt solar panel replenishing a secondary battery allows not only a 220/240v power supply for appliance functionality, but also allows a replenishing feed to the ebike battery to vastly increase the range. In full sun the amount of energy replenishment will exceed ebike battery depletion making the range of any ebike infinite.

Unique applications such as heating elements, cool boxes, under trailer remote control LED's can all be added upon request.

All our trailers are individually hand made to order so we can meet your exacting requirements where possible.

Power output can vary from 1000w to 3000w dependant on useage requirement. Feel free to contact us with your individual cargo trailer purpose and we can calculate output requirement and advise accordingly to be sure you have a product fit for purpose.

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